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About Us

Link offers an on-demand multi-services in a single app like a bike ride, car ride, food delivery, courier delivery, and other on-demand provider services in Bolivia. With our link application, we can offer the stand out services to the users.

With our services, we can say goodbye to use multiple services. Our application can connect more customers, driver, store and users in a single platform.

Store/restaurant, driver, and provider get an online job ride/delivery/services request and increase their earning. Our primary goal is to satisfy our customer requirements.

Product Featuress

Access Multi Services

A user can access multi-services such as transport, delivery and other on-demand services.

Payment Option

A user has multiple payment options such as cash, credit and in-app wallet to pay for their ride, order & services request.


Once the ride/order completed, user/driver can view their history with all information like order id, amount and more.

Manage Profile

A user/driver/provider can manage their profile information such as name, email, contact details and profile picture.

User App

Using the Link app, you can access multiple services in a single app such as bike ride, taxi ride, courier delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, and provider services like a tutor, beautician, car wash and more.

You can log in or sign up into app by providing the basic information or social account sites. After login, you can access more than 30+ on-demand services. You have the option to manage profile information, change password, invite friend, and manage bank details. Also, you can use promo code to get a discount on the total amount.

Driver App

Download the Link Driver app and you will get the real-time ride/delivery order request online. You can log in/sign up into app through Email or social accounts like Facebook and Google.

Once the login successfully, you have to select a vehicle type for which services you want to offer. After uploading the pieces of the required document of information. Using the app, you will get the new order request and you have the option to accept or reject a request based on your availability. Also, you can view the earning report with all details.

Store App

Download the Link store app and get the order request from the app. You can view all the accept, pending, running and completed order list with all details.

You can log in into app by providing the basic information. After admin approved your account you store is visible to the users. You have the option to manage the profile status online/offline. Also, you can modify the store details like store name, address, minimum order amount, delivery charges and more.

Provider App

With Link provider app, you will get the online on-demand services request such as tutor, home cleaning, laundry, beautician, pet care, electrician, and more.

You can log in into app through the social account. After login, you must have to add package & services which you want to offer and complete the profile information. Without the complete profile, your account does not see to the users. After that, you will get the services request from the user and increase the earning.

Call To Action

Queries about our services? drop us a note. We will happy to help you!

More Features

Social Login

A user/driver/provider can log in into app through their social accounts like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Map Navigation

To find the exact location of the user, driver/provider can use Google map navigation within the app.

Store Setting

A store vendor can manage their store details like store name, address, minimum order amount, delivery charges, etc.

Live Chat

If the user/driver/store/provider has any query regarding the order/services request then they can chat with each other within the app.

Manage Request

A driver/store/provider manage new order request based on their availability. They have the option to accept or reject the request.

Review & Rating

After completing the order/services request, the user can give review and rating to driver/provider based on their experiences.


Our Affordable services will feel like A mint of creativity

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